Find the perfect wrought iron fireplace screens in a variety of sizes and styles.




Wrought iron fireplace screens are quite heavy and quite sturdy. Fireplace screens today come in a wide selection of materials, shapes and styles. Some of these screens are made of steel, wrought iron, aluminum and other materials.

The major purpose of a screen for your woodburning fireplace is to protect the surrounding areas like carpet or wooden floors from flying embers and sparks, which could cause a fire or damage your home.

A beautiful fireplace screen or custom wrought iron fireplace screens will also add an elegant touch to your fireplace and any room in the house or office.

Burning wood in your fireplace is a lot of fun but, it can create a dangerous situation, sending sparks out of the fireplace onto the floor.

To keep this situation from happening, place a screen that will cover the fireplace opening...there are lots of options!

This should stop any sparks from reaching your carpet or wooden floors and burn it. Hearth rugs are also a good idea and they will resist sparks.

To change to a woodburning stove with cast legs and a door it may be a good idea. Today they sell woodburning stoves that are highly efficient heaters and burn wood that lasts for several hours.

Fireplace screens are available in three styles:

• Folding,
• Standing and
• Curtain screens

Most fireplace screens are of the standing type, single-piece screens with legs and protective fine steel mesh.

Folding fireplace screens have hinged panels that are put in front of the fireplace opening. And curtain screens are attached above the fireplace opening, similar to a curtain on a rod for a window.

Just be sure that your fireplace screen or a spark guard is large enough to completely cover the fireplace opening so that sparks cannot come out into the room.

Wood burning fireplaces are very romantic and charming, but if you don't like to clean ashes and carry logs from the garage to the fireplace, you may want to consider electric fireplaces or gas fireplaces for your home.

Some electric fireplaces look very traditional, others can be built to function as a multi-media center with all types of shelving and storage and others can be moved from room to room because they have heavy-duty casters.

Most modern electric fireplaces can be bought for any type of decor, style or color and they also include remote control. If you are doing a search online for all types of fireplace screens, see what attractive units are available online.


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